Engineers League Weekly Sprint Build Confidence, Promote Creativity and Engage Learning

Build Confidence, Promote Creativity and Engage Learning

Every week, ##TeamSTEM meets to open a household gadget to learn how electronics work. Little Engineers had so much fun, learning and excitement to see how some of the best known gadgets work: Hair Dryer, Toaster, Fan etc. Now is a great time for you to join us with our gadget hacking drive.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every Sunday @ 4p ET we’ll live telecast our pick of the week video
  2. Every Monday we will announce the gadget whose video we will made public
  3. Every Friday we will make the video available to our youtube channel’s subscribers
  4. Following Sunday we will make the video public to our followers

Stay updated through the following link: [] which will be updated with latest weekly roll-out.

So, as a parent you have 4 options:

  1. The Discoverer: Use the “gadget link” to buy and open the gadget with your little engineers and friends. On Sunday, cross check with our published video.
  2. The Informed: Watch the gadget understanding video prior to opening the gadget with your little engineers and friends, adding your flavor on ours.
  3. The Artist: Ask your little engineers to hack the gadget(give them 1 hour or so to free work on gadgets) and ask them to come-up with their understanding of the gadget. Cross check their understanding with our version (via our public video) or your version.
  4. The Professional: Watch our video and/or other publicly available youtubes around the gadget and use the captured knowledge to have a fabulous session with your little engineer and friends.


* As these experiments are performed with real toolkits and gadgets, utmost precaution must be maintained when working with your little engineers and their friends. Engineers League bears no responsibility for any damage, harm and trauma caused by these experiments. We understand and appreciate each little engineers team to work with precaution and under tight adult supervision. *
When you open the gadget and record your experience, do share with us so we could promote your work via our social channels.

While we’ve always missed the right channel to spark the STEM/STEAM curiosity in our kids, few of us worked together to solve the problem for all of us. We thank you for your support and encouragement. We want to promote STEM/STEAM learning early so our little engineers change the World, one little engineer at a time.

Read This Week’s Brochure @ []

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